Understanding Advertising.

There is a trend in advertising to align yourself with a celebrity and have them endorse your product to get sales.
Whilst in principle this is a good idea, it doesn’t always work…

Buying in a celebrity to endorse your product doesn’t always work, especially if your product is mediocre…

I experienced this yesterday when I went to the cinema. Matthew and I took the children to see Guardians Of The Galaxy as a final treat to half term. In the adverts in the run up there were two car ads…

One was for Hyundai, the other for Jaguar…

When the advert for Hyundai played I fell in love with the story in the advert…

One hundred years after Sir Ernest Shackleton’s fateful Antarctic expedition, his great-grandson returned to Antarctica with the help of Hyundai and a specially adapted Santa Fe 4x4.

Despite being told that a journey across the continent in a road-going vehicle could not be done, in December 2016 Shackleton’s great-grandson, Patrick Bergel, flew out from Chile with a Santa Fe, a support crew and a film crew.
The expedition took the team 30 days, covering almost 5,800 kilometres of perilous crevasse fields, Antarctic desert and wind-swept sastrugi formations.

What began as an homage to his great-grandfather became a feat in its own right. By pushing the limits of endurance, Patrick did more than follow in Shackleton’s footsteps—he followed his example.

To celebrate the modified Santa Fe’s incredible Antarctic journey, Hyundai have released the Santa Fe Endurance Edition.
With the only difference between the two cars being forty-inch tyres and beefed up suspension, in every other way the Santa Fe Endurance Edition has proved its excellence whatever the weather conditions.

After the advert played I turned to Matthew and said, “Now that’s a good piece of marketing”.

His reply shocked me.

“Was it, would you buy the car?”

“No way,” I answered, “but the story was awesome.”

“So it wasn’t a good piece of marketing then was it” he commented back smugly….

Roll forward to the next advert, another car advert, but a Jaguar this time…

There was no story per se… there was a beautiful car, on a beautiful road, driving around the beautiful countryside, with great high end shots of a sleek beautifully designed car… a car that purred like a cat, with a drive that was as smooth as silk. It was an advert for me. It wasn’t a clever piece of marketing, but they knew their audience. And they knew their product… All I could remember after the ad was,

“now that’s a nice car, I want that”…

Matthew then turned around to me and said

“Now that’s a good piece of marketing”

And I had to agree…

So what is my insight from this trip to the cinema… People don’t always have to buy the story.

Maybe at the beginning of your journey when they want to know why you do what you do, BUT not a long story for marketing.

What they really want is to feel emotion, connection and to really understand and want what you have to offer…

Your imagery needs to be spot on, your words need to speak to your audience, and you need to leave your ideal clients feeling “wowed” by what you have to say and share… You have to craft a strong brand and product, one that people fall in love with.

Now don’t get me wrong, Hyundai have created an excellent piece of video. It was interesting, I enjoyed learning about the expedition of Shackleton’s Grandson, and I thought it was clever… but did it make me want to buy the car? No. It was a gimmick. While people will love your gimmicks, they won’t buy.

Keep this in mind when you are building your business. Build something that can be described in “awe”, that keeps you “remembered and recommended” because your product and service deserves to be… not just because of the story you tell alongside it.