Jim Careys excellent example of The Traffic Light Method™ In Action

When I talk about The Traffic Light Method™ as a way to approach marketing in your business, one of the key things I mention is the customer journey that you need to take potential clients on.

The first part of The Traffic Light Method is the RED light. When a prospect is at a RED light they don’t even know that they have a problem, and certainly don’t know what that problem is.

At this stage of the customer journey it is your responsibility to disrupt your prospect as they go about their day to day business and wake them up to the fact that change is needed.

This week Jim Carey was interviewed on the Red Carpet. The interview went viral.

Now whilst I am not claiming to know Jim and his motives my translation of events is far different from the tabloid newspapers and magazines view.

Jim is not daft. He is a highly educated and highly evolved man. Now aged 57 his life has been one of learning and understanding of who we are as a species.

His thinking is advanced and a life of discovery has led him to understand that we are not who we think we are.

Here are some of the things he spoke about in the interview:

“In the completely awkward 2-minute exchange, (“completely awkward” is the view of AOL.com Entertainment not mine) Carrey proceeds to tell Sadler that he “wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to and join,” which is the only reason he decided to attend the star-studded party to begin with.


After Sadler explained that the event was meant to honor some of the most influential living icons in entertainment and fashion, Carrey laughed and said “that is just the absolute lowest aiming possibility that we could come up with. […] Do you believe in icons? I believe in personalities. I don’t believe that you exist, but there is a wonderful fragrance in the air.”
“Here’s the thing,” he said after more rambling. “It’s not our world. We don’t matter. That’s the good news.””

Now to the everyday person that is catching up on the red carpet news this may just seem like a bizzare man ranting. But I truly believe this is a calculated marketing move on his part. Not for him to go viral and get more fame, but for a much bigger mission.

Jim has been renowned for his views within the self-development world. His journey has led him to want more than fame “what is fame anyway?” and I truly believe this interview was to disrupt the everyday person going about their everyday lives to share a message that they would have otherwise ignored.

Jim has managed to share a view of the world and the people in it with a group of people that never ever would have heard this message otherwise.

And if they did hear the message it wouldn’t have landed with them. He disrupted people when they were not expecting it, and has now managed to share his message with the world. He has gone viral.

As I said at the beginning this man is not daft. He didn’t have random ramblings. He has a message that he wants to get out to the world, and he knew that the best way to do this was by disrupting people at a time when they were engaged in the exact opposite of what he wanted to share with them.

So to conclude, those excited and celebrating the fashion and the icons whilst watching the red carpet do not realise they have a problem/pain. Many of them are blindly following an unevolved life and his mission was to stop them in their tracks and share a thought to spark change.

Those watching the viral video and not understanding his message are stuck at the red traffic light. They are unaware of their pains. He wanted his message to be heard. So he disrupted.