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Enquire About Amanda C. Watts Speaking At Your Event

Amanda C Watts is known as ‘The FreedomPreneur®’ and first stepped on stage over 5 years ago. Since then she has spoken at over 50 events sharing her knowledge of marketing and branding to eager audiences.  Amanda also hosted her own monthly event in London during 2016.

Amanda speaks on a variety of topics including; branding, client attraction authority marketing, sales, Entrepreneurship, social media and creating a life of Freedom.  You can see her at events in London and the U.K.  We encourage you to enquire about having Amanda speak at your event.

Amanda spoke at our monthly Club Night for speakers and entrepreneurs. Amanda was recommended to me and I normally never put speakers on stage I haven’t personally met before but with Amanda it was different. After a very brief phone call, I immediately knew, this woman knows what she is doing, ON and OFF stage. Amanda is authentic, real and has a no-BS approach to her speaking. Her content was super powerful and the audience loved her knowledge on branding and marketing. So many take-aways from a 30 min talk, we had a thrilled audience. If you are looking for a straight-talking, experienced and impactful speaker: HIRE AMANDA!

Annik Petrou

Really gained a lot from your talk, marketing is my biggest enemy in my business.Thank you.

Richard Akindo

Thank you Amanda for an awesome talk. There was so much value here that it’s hard to pinpoint the biggest takeaways.

I really loved the idea of digging deep for the Brand Story, 7 deep why’s. That was a great way of getting to the root of things.

As always, the structure and system is very easy to digest. Thanks again.

Jessica Shaikh

Great talk, thank you for the top tips Amanda!

Abigail Barnes

We have had a wonderful day learning about social media. Amanda spent the day with us training 100 clergy in Dorset on the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and it has been extraordinary.  Thank you very much!

Dr Graham Kings

Bishop of Sherborne

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