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It was an awakening process – I thought I was going to get a process for marketing – which I am, but more than this, through Amanda’s probing and asking the right questions, I got a whole new business that is much closer to who I am.  I now am working on a brand New business idea with products structured around marketing principles – my website has been built with a persuasive structure and copy to entice upselling and I am full of self belief – I know what I am doing now!
Natalie Uhlarz

Founder, Mer-Ka-Bah

I recently did Amanda’s programme. I have been in business for just over 5 months now, I was in a place where I had amazing content and delivery, but I didn’t have a niche or clients. I was doing so many different things, it was liek chasing 10 rabbits at once.

Since doing the programme, I have now been able to package my services and tailor it to my niche. I now have a successful business and am my revenue is higher than it’s ever been.

Warren Ryan

Coach & Speaker

I chose the programme as it seemed to give a framework around starting a business that just made sense.

Through an easy and fun system the progamme takes you through the process of starting a business to successfully running it.

I gained confidence, had coherent system for my clients to follow, I had time to plan and a comprehensive understanding of where my business should be positioned and who is would help.

Coming from a corporate world I found Amanda’s programme to be a breath of fresh air that gave life to my business.  I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position.

Mark Poultney

Leadership Development Coach

Working with Amanda C. Watts and her team is truly inspirational. Since working with Amanda I feel more confident in
myself about the benefits I provide to my clients and that marketing is actually quite an enjoyable process. I have new clients making bookings and that I feel clearer about the message I deliver. – thank you Amanda!
Shelley Baker

Owner, Aromatic Therapy

I wanted to do Amanda’s coaching, because I decided I was ready to start business and having coaching with Amanda, sounded like perfect fit with my current busy lifestyle.

Also the programme covered everything I had to begin my business.

My biggest point were lack of clarity who is my ideal client. I never done online business before,. so all the technical details and online marketing was very confusing to me and this programme with Amanda’s guidance put everything into place.

My last but perhaps biggest point was to become visible and start sharing my message. I overcome this and now it looks very natural thing to me without fear of what others might think of me and what I do.

Amanda exceeded all my expectations; she is amazing not only as a coach but also as a person.  She believed in me even when I was not was extremely helpful all the way through. I really would never been without her where I am now.

Jurgita Kaspare

Relationship Coach

Grab a FREE copy of my best selling book, ‘ESCAPE’