Marketing Zen for introvert accountants, bookkeeper and business coaches with Amanda C. Watts

TEI #1: Marketing Zen For Accountants, Bookkeepers & Business Coaches

Jan 27, 2023

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Welcome to issue number #1 of The Empowered Introvert weekly newsletter.

I have launched this newsletter to help introvert business owners who are exhausted by the extrovert way of growing a business…

Hustle, grind, high energy, fast paced and exhausting pushing does not fit with our personality and it is time to accept that we have to do things in a different way.

Over the coming months, you will hear me talk about the 4 kinds of Introverts that there are.

These are:

Social Introverts – outgoing introverts who still lose their energy when around people for a long time.

Thinking Introverts – these introverts are in their head a lot, they are happy with their decisions and don’t need external validation.

Anxious Introverts – doubt themselves more and are prone to anxiety. They can be the ones who struggle the most when growing a business.

Restrained Introverts – need time to charge their batteries before they can get going.

Each introvert type has their own strengths when it comes to marketing.

After working with 100s of introverts over the past 5 years I have seen a pattern and can advise on which kind of marketing suits each type.

If you are a Social Introvert I recommend building a personal brand through content distribution… this could be blogs, webinars, and helping people on social media channels.

If you are a Thinking Introvert then it is key that you get clear on your positioning in the market (niching is perfect for you) and then take your ideas to market by being interviewed on podcasts and blogging.

If you are an Anxious Introvert then use your clients as the center of your marketing activities, focus on creating case studies, and launch a podcast where you interview others and you are not in the spotlight.

If you are a Restrained introvert you need someone to help you take your marketing and get it out into the world. Forming partnerships will help restrained introverts get more done…

It’s a fascinating journey when you can understand that growing a business is different for different people. You do not have to do what the gurus say. There isn’t a magic tactic that is going to make you super rich.

You need

  1. A robust strategy.
  2. Marketing actions that are in alignment with your personality.
  3. Preservation of your energy so you do not burn out.

I call this Marketing Zen.

Whenever you’re ready there are 2 ways I can help you:

1. Marketing For Introverts – If you would like to know what kind of marketing you should be doing depending on your introvert type then register for this upcoming webinar.

2. Bottle Your Brilliance – Work with me 1:1 to build your OMG! Offer which you charge 3k, 5k, 10k or more for, and build a robust marketing engine to support it.


The Empowered Introvert™ is a weekly digest delivered every Saturday. It documents the latest innovations in creating a unique offer, how introverts do marketing, and client attraction. Sign up for honest opinions and strategies to grow your business.

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Introvert business owners get a tip to grow their influence, impact and income in a way that is aligned with their introvert personality. Delivered every Saturday morning.

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