How Skip Lengthy Sales Calls In Your Accounting, Bookkeeping or Business Coaching Firm

TEI#2 How To Skip Lengthy Sales Calls

Feb 4, 2023

Read Time: 3mins

I imagine you hate having sales calls as much as I do.

As an introvert I hate the first few minutes of an awkward Zoom call, having never spoken to the person on the other side of the screen before.

You talk over each other and neither of you knows what the other one said. Or worse still it’s just silence.

You ask a question and they are on mute. So you have to say “I can’t hear you, you are on mute” or vice versa.

It’s just horrible.

So today I am going to share with you the process I have gone through to eliminate these sales calls and actually create a sales process that is super easy and rewarding.

This system only works if you have what I call an OMG! Offer, which is an offer that people say “OMG I have to have that!”. Next week I will share with you how to create one.

Ok so here is the sales process. This is introvert gold.

    1. Build an audience of ideal clients across your social media platforms, or wherever your ideal client hangs out. You can do this by writing social media updates that are helpful and engaging.
    2. Take this audience into your email list by offering them a guide that helps them eliminate a pain they are experiencing.
    3. Once they are on your email list provide a newsletter once a week with information that helps them in their business.
    4. In this email offer them an opportunity to join you on a webinar that you run every 2 weeks/month.
    5. At the end of the webinar present your OMG Offer and say that if people are interested they can book a 15-minute telephone call (goodbye uncomfortable Zoom).
    6. Once they have booked the call, send them an email with an outline of the logistics of your OMG! Offer: How it will be delivered. The support your client will get, and most importantly THE PRICE.
    7. Then you have your 15 minute call. It should go something like this “Hey, did you get my PDF outline?” They reply “Yes”. And then you say “Great, any questions?”. If you have done all 6 steps prior to this well then there should only be one question… “When can we start”.

Now I totally get this may feel unrealistic, and if you had told me this process a year ago I would probably have thought the same thing. But through experimenting and data I can confirm that when this is done right it is a beautiful experience for both you and the buyer.
The great thing about this process is the buyer already comes to the call pre-sold. If they are not pre-sold then they are either not a good fit, or your marketing process needs some work.

Too many business owners are desperate to get sales calls but fail to nurture the prospect. This can lead to the wrong kind of people reaching out, and often subsequent buyer’s remorse.

The 7-step process above eliminates vampire clients and enables you to enjoy the sales process.

If you have any questions and wonder how it might work for you then message me on LinkedIn, I am happy to go deeper on how this might work for your business and your ideal client.

Whenever you’re ready there are 2 ways I can help you:

1. Marketing For Introverts – If you would like to know what kind of marketing you should be doing depending on your introvert type then register for this upcoming webinar.

2. Bottle Your Brilliance – Work with me 1:1 to build your OMG! Offer which you charge 3k, 5k, 10k or more for, and build a robust marketing engine to support it.


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