Success Stories

Over 1000 clients on 5 continents have increased their income and impact, and have secured the financial growth of their business. Check out some of the success stories below.


Sinclair Day Accounting Services

“…it’s had some really big impacts. It’s given us amazing confidence in our offering and what we’re doing, and made us drive our business forward. I think it’s fantastic.”


Empowered Finance

“Has it worked for me? Absolutely. From a pure new business perspective, I can tell you from I’ve got directly attributable revenue at least 10 times what my original investment was. So  has it delivered what my ultimate aim was, new clients? Yes. But also it’s given me confidence and a process to follow.”


Gains Accountants

“”When I joined Momentum, my initial expectation was it will be that we receive support and training related to marketing. But, in reality, it is so much more support, in so many areas. It’s been a complete game changer.


Cox Business Services

“…it has been a HUGE benefit and caused us to rethink our entire strategy. I’d have no hesitation in saying become part of the momentum community and become a winner like the rest of that community”


Hetty Verney Accounting

“… it’s going to be really worth it, I have increased my turnover dramatically. The Momentum team are fabulous… …it will make the biggest difference to your business. It really will, go for it.”


“It’s early days, but we’ve had a couple of very decent wins, with new clients coming into the practice. You’ll get out what you put in… Dedicate time every week for the Momentum programme, and work on the business. If you do that, you’ll get the results.”


SO AZ Accounting Solutions LLC

“I joined Momentum. And it has been life changing. My company has grown at least four or five times since I launched during the pandemic, when people were losing their jobs and cutting back, I was growing. And this is all thanks to Momentum without question. It’s it’s a literal roadmap.”


Spring Accounting

In the last two days, I’ve had two calls booked with potential clients… …before I started Momentum, I was like I don’t even know if this is even ever gonna happen. But now I know it will. This process does work.

Testimonials | Poonam Mawani | Azuki Accounts | Amanda C. Watts
Testimonial | Jean Brunet | Business Consultant | OOmpf Global | Amanda C. Watts
Marketing For Accountants | Amanda C. Watts | Oompf Global | Testimonials
Mark Telford | Amanda C. Watts | Marketing For Accounting Practices | Oompf Global
Mark Telford | Amanda C. Watts | Marketing For Accounting Practices | Oompf Global
Testimonials | Poonam Mawani | Azuki Accounts | Amanda C. Watts
Testimonials | Poonam Mawani | Azuki Accounts | Amanda C. Watts | Marketing For Accounting Firms

Oxwich Accountancy

“…the programme, I mean, it really did deliver. It helped me decide on a niche, how to kind of really refine what my product was, how I was offering it and craft that into a message… …And it helped me quadruple my business in the first six months.


DS Small Business Help

“I’ve seen my practice change, I’ve got people coming to me, and  they’re starting to come asking for the advisory rather than the compliance services. I get good quality conversations with potential clients because I’m in tune with their business and their industry.


The Wealthy Builder

“…best business decision I’ve made. Amanda provides you with a systematic way of finding high value clients​. The program has given me the confidence to give my price and my practice has doubled.


Affleck Accountancy Limited

“I’ve had quite a few wins financially since joining the programme, I’ve got clients coming and I’ve increased my fees…  …My knowledge has increased and my confidence has grown, I would endorse it 100%”

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