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Amanda C. Watts

For the past 15 years, I have been running my own business. I have had a number of mentors on my journey, some who “got me” and others who were so extroverted they didn’t understand my need for the preservation of energy and the need to think before speaking/acting.

This meant some of my actions over the past 15 years have led to burnout. I followed the “hustle” way of doing things, the 5am club, the pushing tactics and I struggled.

So I found a mentor that was aligned with my introverted personality. This mentor showed me I already had the answers I needed within me, and coupled with strategies and my intuition things started to work. I hit 20k months, 50k months, and 100k months in my business. I managed my own energy, I only did things I was aligned with and I had a foundation strategy in place.

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How I Got Here…

I now have 3 best-selling books written and published, I run a YouTube channel, I am featured on podcasts, I record videos and run webinars. Despite being an introvert I have found ways to deploy marketing tactics and learn to love them.

I guess another thing I should tell you is that I started from nothing. In 2009 I was a single mum on housing benefits. In 2019 my business really started to take off and hit 120k months – and what’s more they were the easiest money making months I had ever had.

This income from my business has given me what I call a “yes life”.

A “yes life” is where I can say yes to pretty much any opportunity that comes my way.

I have said yes to my beautiful dream house.

I have said yes to my dream car (bought and paid for it outright).

I say yes to holidays in 5* locations.

I say yes to traveling the world with my son and getting VIP seats to rock concerts.

I say yes to lazy mornings and 4-day weeks.

I say yes to having one week a month where I don’t speak with clients.

I say yes to 100k months without vomit-worthy marketing tactics. (I have marketing zen).

I say yes to hanging out with clients that don’t drain the life out of me.

I say yes to pretty much anything that is good for my soul.

And most importantly I say yes to peace and quiet. Whenever I need it. This is my Freedom.

And I want to help you achieve your freedom too…

It is my mission to empower introvert accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches to be financially successful, and at the same time, be in alignment with themselves, enjoying quiet and balance in their lives.

I do this through my proprietary methods, digital training and VIP coaching.


Brand Development And Training | Amanda C. Watts
Amanda C. Watts | Marketing And Branding Coach