Thanks for checking out my ‘About’ page.

It’s hard to sum it all up in a few words but hopefully the highlights below will give you a little more insight as to who I am.


  Mother of two wonderful children. A teenage boy that loves science and Xbox. And a little girl that believes she is 25 years old.

  Wife to a strange Australian man that is clever, geeky, funny and kind.

  Daughter to the most amazing people I have ever had the privelage to meet.

  Sister to a shy cake maker.

  A compulsive learner. I am constantly consuming information.

  Mad about cars. All cars. As long as they are fast.

  I wear black. Almost always.

  From South London

  I hate the outdoors

  My favourite places are hotels.

  Grew my business from nothing. I started when I was on housing benefit after a toxic relationship ended and grew to six-figures.

  Have trained entrepreneurs and business owners on 5 continents.

  Best selling author on Amazon.

  I volunteer my time to mentor new business owners with Richard Branson’s Virgin StartUp.

  Spoken at the Great British Business Show.

  Advised hundreds of business owners on branding and marketing that attracts clients.

  NLP Practitioner.

  Featured in The Guardian.

  Speaker at over 50 events.

Retired my husband who now works with me – doing all the stuff I don’t like.

  I am driven. Nothing will stop me from achieving my success.

  I am excellent at what I do.

  I love training people live. I think that real interaction is where a lot of the magic happens.

  Continually investing in my own business and it’s development. If you aren’t growing you’re dying.

  Tough on myself and tough on my clients. There are no excuses for not taking action. You either want it or your don’t.

  Love design and believe that a beautiful and consistent brand is essential for business success.

  Loyal. It seems to be a trait that is going out of fashion, but not with me.

  I don’t swear. You can. That’s fine. But not near my children.

  Believe that if you don’t know and understand your businesses numbers then you probably won’t get far.

Understand that business success, and success in life, is all about consistency. Small steps taking repeatedly over time.


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