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I work with introvert accountants, financial coaches and business consultants. Together we package up your services so you can charge 3-10x your current prices and attract high value clients in a way that is aligned with your personality.

Enjoy business success without burnout or overwhelm.

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How To Market & Sell Business Advisory with Amanda C. Watts

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As the world continues to evolve the insights that an experienced and insightful finance professional can give to a business owner become increasingly valuable.

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Bottle Your Brilliance with Amanda C. Watts | Oompf Global


Amanda C. Watts

For the past 15 years, I have been running my own business. I have had a number of mentors on my journey, some who “got me” and others who were so extroverted they didn’t understand my need for the preservation of energy and the need to think before speaking/acting.

This meant some of my actions over the past 15 years have led to burnout. I followed the “hustle” way of doing things, the 5am club, the pushing tactics and I struggled.

So I found a mentor that was aligned with my introverted personality. This mentor showed me I already had the answers I needed within me, and coupled with strategies and my intuition things started to work. I hit 20k months, 50k months, and 100k months in my business. I managed my own energy, I only did things I was aligned with and I had a foundation strategy in place.

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Bottle Your Brilliance with Amanda C. Watts | Oompf Global

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Amanda and her team work with you (and do the tech for you) so that you can get complete clarity on how to position your expertise in a way that will drive your revenue and growth.

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Amanda C. Watts Helps Introvert Business Owners Grow Their Revenue And Reputation

"No more overwhelm... better products, 20% growth In one month"

“What Amanda does was use her extensive knowledge of our industry, professional expertise and this unbelievable energy to draw up a clear articulation of our scalable product offering.

Not list of services that we provide, but products that answer the needs of our clients through their growth journey.

We drew out what their growth journey looked like for clients and how we met the changing pain points throughout it. And then finally, we set up the language that we use to pitch it to prospects and clients alike… …And last month, we grew by 20%

– James Lizar, Founder.
THRIVE, London

"Recommended To Anyone Wanting To Boost Performance & Profit"

Amanda was a terrific asset to me during a transformational year growing my global Executive Mentoring Practice.

Amanda provided great advice, practical techniques and tools and was a wonderful person to have on the journey with me.

I wouldn’t have had the breakthroughs I did without her help and wisdom.

Thank you Amanda!

Highly recommended to anyone wanting to boost performance and profit.

– Sally Henderson, Founder.
High Stakes Leadership Mentor.

"Growth & Increasing Global Visibility"

Amanda’s energy, enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge for marketing and the accountancy profession provided us with a fantastic strategy day to help bring extra value to our global accounting association.

Our key areas of focus were growth, increasing global visibility and increasing support to our global accounting members.

Amanda provided us with plenty of advice, a focused marketing plan addressing all our areas for development and we created new ideas on how to further support our accounting firms, their clients and their staff.

Her passion and focus meant we covered a lot of ground in the day. Her warm personality meant we all thoroughly enjoyed it though – always professional, we had fun and learnt a lot.

I highly recommend Amanda.

– Louise Norbury, Head of Communications & Members Services.
IAPA International.