Are You Thinking Of Leaving Your Job And Starting Your Own Business?

Together we can grow your idea, develop your business foundations, craft a plan for launch (escape) and ensure that you earn enough to support your new lifestyle.

“I had been thinking for a while of setting up my own Leadership Development Coaching business.
What I really needed was some clarity around the whole thing, some advice on marketing and a friendly voice to guide me through the process.
I needed confidence, detail and to be active and fearless in putting my idea into practice.
I chose the Program as it seemed to give a framework around starting a business that just makes sense.
Through an easy to follow and fun system the Program takes you through the process of starting your business to successfully running it.
I gained confidence, had a coherent system for my clients to follow.
I had time to plan and a comprehensive understanding of where my business should be positioned and who it would help.
Coming from a corporate world I found Amanda’s Program to be a breath of fresh air that gave life to my business.
I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position.” Mark Poultney

Leadership Development Coach

“Coaching with Amanda, sounded like perfect fit with my current busy lifestyle. Also the program covered everything I had to begin my business.” Jurgita Kasparr

Relationship Coach

“The programme is set out in such a way that you constantly build momentum. Having Amanda to help me develop complete clarity from the start really got me going and into full swing.” Paul Miller

Founder, Author, Trainer

“Amanda has given me the confidence to go after what I really want and never have a doubt that I can create a business that will be successful and support others to make their businesses a success too.” Zelica Jones

Small Business & Operations Coach

Do You Want To Stop Feeling Frustrated And Start To Enjoy Your Life Again?

Stop being part of ‘The Machine’. Take back control of your life and have the freedom to spend more time on you, on your family, and on your dreams.
Discover how to transition out of a job you hate and create a business you love:

  • Get Clarity On Your Passions And Purpose In Life
  • Develop Your Idea Into A Viable And Profitable Business
  • Create Compelling Goals And A Plan To Achieve Them
  • Develop The Tools, Systems And Structure To Successfully Grow Your Business
  • Identify Who Your Ideal Clients Are, Where To Find Them And What To Say To Them
  • Know How To Market Your Business
  • Give You The Confidence You Need To Successfully Take Your New Business To Market


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